Visual documentation of my sensory museology and heritage projects

caro sniffing pomander rijksmuseum blog cambridge

Caro Verbeek diagnostically sniffing a 19th century pomander at the Rijksmuseum, 2016.

website philips pavilion

Scentscape for the Philipspavilion by Le Corbusier during the Night of History, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2013.


website amsterdam museum

Olfactory tour “Smelling the World”, Amsterdam Museum, 2013.


website piet reading sudan_parigi

Blind Scholar Piet Devos reading the reconstruction of the 1921  tactile poem “Sudan-Parigi” (1921), 2013.

website museumnacht

People enjoying the scent bar during Museumnacht, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam,  2012.

website inhaling art

Visitor during “Inhaling Art” (2014 – 2017) at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 2016.

Villa Rot documentation room visitors sniffing

Visitor at Villa Rot sniffing olfactory documentation during the exhibition ‘Something in the Air – Scent in Art’, 2015.

olfactory and visual documentation villa rot

Scent station in the documentation room at Villa Rot during the exhibition ‘Something in the Air – Scent in Art’, 2015.

Reconstructing lost perfumes through gaschromatography at IFF Hilversum for the television show ‘De kennis van nu’, 2017.

ruikend surrealisme 2“Aromatic Art (Re-)constructed”, visitor smelling olfactory documentation of Surrealist Exhibitions, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 2017.

website de buitendienst

TV hosts smelling the Battle of Waterloo in their quest to make a multi-sensory movie. NTR, De Buitendienst. Broadcasted October 2nd 2017.



“Aromatic Art (Re-)constructed”, fragrant procession with AromaJockey Scentman (Jorg Hempenius), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, 2017. Photo by Bert Brouwenstijn.

AromaJockey Scentman (Jorg Hempenius) aramatizing the symposium ‘Aromatic Art (Re)constructed, 2017.

Fred Tabak (formerly IFF) sniffing the contents of an 18th century apothecary cabinet at the Rijksmuseum, 2017.


willem van oranje reconstructie

Caro Verbeek working on the reconstruction of the embalming of William of Orange for Historisch Museum Den Briel, 2018.

website museum of smells

Installation of the exhibition “The Museum of Smells” on art historical lost smells, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2018.


website beneath her eyes

Performance “Beneath Her Eyes”, Amy Toner, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. 2018, photo Ernst van Deursen.

smell tour rijksmuseum for blind and low sighted people

Smell tour for blind and low sighted people at the Rijksmuseum, 2020. Photo Cathelijne Denekamp.


website hannes walrafen

Hannes Walrafen during Verbeek’s tour “In Search of Lost Scents” at the Rijksmuseum, 2020. Photo Cathelijne Denekamp.